About Blacktree Tree Farm and Cottages

Black Tree Farm and Cottages is a British- Turkish family run business that was begun in 1994 with the aim to be as sustainable as possible. We fell in love with the land and property at Karaagac (Black Tree) nestled in the midst of a relaxed and friendly Turkish farming community, and not far from the stunning southwestern Mediterranean waters. We wanted to enhance a neglected spot, rather than do the ‘easy’ thing by choosing the ‘ideal’ spot, which eventually would become overcrowded and so no longer sustainable. For this reason we run the Organic farm next to 9 unique cottages and an old atmospheric farmhouse in an area of 70,000 sq. m.

Black Tree farm is now certified organic by (Institute for Marketecology) IMO. We grow a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, and make our own bread, olive oil, preserves and other foods. Meals at Black Tree are prepared using local organic produce whenever possible. This conscious and healthy lifestyle is one of the aspects we value sharing so much with our guests.

Just like us, visitors to Black Tree are those who enjoy genuine village life, peaceful unspoiled surroundings, clear night skies, delicious Turkish food, and who ultimately enjoy the luxury of being off the beaten track.