activities At Black Tree

Something for Everyone at Black Tree

Black Tree Farm is truly a paradise off the beaten track for visitors, whether you are a couple, a family or group of friends. While having a real sense of being away from the tourist trail and in the peace and quiet of these spectacular mountainous landscapes, there is a wealth of things to do while staying here.

The area around Black Tree is fantastic for mountain biking, walking, and getting out to discover tranquil bays and beaches for a cooling swim. For those seeking activity further afield, we also offer horse riding at Patara Beach, sailing trips on our yacht Dejavu, and guidance on hiking sections of the world famous trekking route, the Lycian Way.

With abundant nature and wildlife all around, a flawless night sky, the relaxed pace of life on the farm, plus all the benefits of Black Tree’s laid back restaurant, bar, pool and on site facilities, guests here also visit for adventure, creativity and activity.

Walking and Treking

Black Tree is perfect for walkers. With old mule and goat paths, marked trails, foresters’ routes and wider tracks, there are walks for those of all interests and stamina. If you who wish to just stroll in the vicinity there are plenty of local pathways through the countryside and short leisurely walks leading to magnificent views.

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For more adventure, there are hikes of 2 or 3 hours taking you down to the water and some of the many beaches and bays in the area. For more of a challenge, head for the soaring peak of Babadag, or meet the specifically marked trail of the Lycian Way. We provide vehicle support (a pick-up service) for such walkers, as the route is located 2km from Black Tree itself, as well as simple maps and guides. For followers of the Lycian Way, we also like to offer overnight stays as opposed to weekly bookings, providing an alternative to camping, trekking lodges or staying in a local homestead.

Walks within a few hours from Black Tree:

  • Butterfly Valley...famous for its moths
  • Oludeniz Beach...with its blue lagoon
  • Kizilcakaya Beach...overlooked by a roman tomb
  • Balatli Beach...stunning and still unknown
  • Insuyu Beach... isolated and tranquil
  • Kabak Beach... a botanists paradise
  • Seven Capes Walk
  • Patara Beach Walk
  • Sydima & Pinara Walks

The Lycian Way

The Lycian Way really takes you away from the tourist trail, revealing a truly sensational Turkey where you feel as if you are walking back in time. One moment you are stumbling across a Lycian sarcophagus, the next an ox-ploughed field, and all the way discovering local village communities living totally sustainably with the same hospitality that Homer spoke of…

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The trek starts in Fethiye and ends near Antalya in southern Turkey. It is a little over 400 km from beginning to end, mainly following footpaths and mule trails. The route is graded medium to hard; it is not level walking generally crossing tufa or limestone, and involves a lot of ascent and descent as it moves to and from the line of the coast. This diverse and extraordinarily beautiful walk is well marked although sometimes overgrown which just adds to its charm..

The best time of year to do the trek is in the spring and early summer months, and autumn, when the land is alive and green, and the temperatures are most comfortable. Summers are very hot although walking short shady sections of the trek is a good option. Winters in the region are wet. For more detailed info, Kate Clow’s book, The Lycian Way, is an essential companion for both Lycian historical information and trail finding.

There is a great choice of Lycian Way walks to do while based at Black Tree, taking advantage of our vehicle drop-off or pick-up if wanted. We can arrange a guide to go with you, or simply take off on your own. The following are some hiking ideas that give you a fantastic days walking and a taste of ancient history:

Lycian Way day hike itineraries:

  • Hike down to Kabak beach along the Lycian trail (11km)
  • Trek to Kabak Beach (11km) and from there take a boat to St. Nicholas Island. Return via Gemiler Bay over land and visit Kayakoy and Levissi. Vehicle pick up to Blacktree
  • Trek along the Lycian Way to Kabak (11 km) with lunch in local Inn (3km) and vehicle pick-up to Black Tree.
  • Trek to Pinara (XXkm) with lunch in private local house. Vehicle pick up to Black Tree.
  • Coastal drop-off at XXX to walk the Lycian Way passing the seven Capes and ending up in Sydima